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Juvenile Crimes

If your child has been charged with a crime, you need a sincere and effective attorney to defend and protect their rights. Juveniles have some rights, such as confidentiality of records that adults do not; however, they do not have a right to a  jury trial or bail.  Fortunately, they do have the right to an attorney. At the Law Office of Hillary Dewhirst, we represent juveniles who have delinquent or unruly charges.

Juvenile Delinquency

When a juvenile commits a crime, they are usually charged with the crime of being delinquent in Juvenile Court instead of the underlying crime in an adult court. The juvenile court system is very different than an adult court and has its own rules and procedures in order to facilitate the goal of rehabilitation for all minors who commit crimes. At the Law Office of Hillary Dewhirst, we have the necessary juvenile court experience to work successfully in this system. We address all issues relating to school problems, substance abuse, and any mental or physical problems outside of the courtroom in order obtain a positive result for our juvenile clients.

Unruly Offenses

Habitually and without justification is truant from school while subject to compulsory school attendance under § 49-6-3007; (ii) Habitually is disobedient of the reasonable and lawful commands of the child’s parent(s), guardian or other legal custodian to the degree that such child’s health and safety are endangered; (iii) Commits an offense that is applicable only to a child; or (iv) Is away from the home, residence or any other residential placement of the child’s parent(s), guardian or other legal custodian without their consent. Such child shall be known and defined as a “runaway.”